Saturday, 7 July 2012

M.A.A.F ;(

Assalammualaium w.b.t 

Apa khabar si cantikk dan si kachakk semua ?

Firstly nak mintakk maaf sesangat sebab dah lama tak eng-up-date-kan blog. Masa dah jadual yg padat menjadikan saya begini. *k tipu* Actually saya dah dapt result SPM. Yealah saya dah tak update blog after blan march and until now. My result were good. I've got straight A's. Trust me! *k tipu*

After got the result, i thought i wanna get awork and don want to continue my study. BUT my dad ask me to continue my study at form six Urghhh! Come on dad I'm not school girl again Huh!

Then, after arguing discuss, my dad ask me to study-ing in Form 6 ! You know what? Form 6!! Urghhh! 

I kno my dad want to see me success. Hmm, but dad........ Hmm, if my late mother were around.. :'( Miss my 'mak' badly :'(
For those who's still have a mother take a good care on them. They were irreplaceable Don't you understand?
Thanks youuuuuuuuuuuuu

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